Mangalica Festival

The pantry of Downtown


9-11 Sept, 2022

Székesfehérvár, Palotai Kapu square
Free Entry



Our first ever festival was organized in Budapest in 2008. In the following four years the Vajdahunyad Castle in the City Park was the festival's home every February until 2011. However, even after the first event already, it was clear to us that sooner or later we have to find a larger place than the castle surroundings due to the high interest of the festival. After the fourth event (2011) we have decided to find a larger, more convenient space for the festival. We were happy to be able to move to the 5th district, to Szabadság Square in 2012, where the festival became the “pantry of the city centre”. This square in the heart of Budapest next to the Parliament is an easily accessible location even in the February weather.


From 2010 we broadened the number of the festival locations when the hometown of the Mangalica breeding (in 1994 the National Association of the Mangalica Breeders (MOE) was established for the second time, with 20 members and 6 breeders at the University of Debrecen) have also joined our event. We held our first festival in Debrecen at Kossuth Square, in front of the Cathedral. Since then we have been holding our event in every April on the City's Day with the support and cooperation of the City Council. The spring date is also an ideal opportunity to get the Easter hams.


After broadening the festival to three locations in 2010, we were already organizing events in the middle of the country (Budapest), in the eastern part (Debrecen) and in the western part of Hungary (Szombathely) as well. The festival was held after the summer break in Septermber, on the Main Square. But unfortunately, despite of the large number of visitors from Austria and the region, the breeders coming from the eastern part of the country had to face big difficulties in getting their goods to the other side of the country. So after only two occasions with a heavy heart we had to close the festival and find a closer location.


Starting from 2012 we have been replacing our Szombathely festivals to Székesfehérvár in Market Square in front of Alba Plaza. Since every September is the Gastronomy Month in Székesfehérvár, we fit our festival into that scheme with the support of the city council. The city has 110.000 residents and is the centre of the region. Market Square is situated between the two busiest place of the city: the transportational hub and the Alba Plaza, where the royal old town begins. The location, the old town ruins and the royal walking street makes the situation of this square an idyllic location for the Mangalica Festival.


Szeged is the city of festivals, where we have been holding our events in the main street (Kárársz street) and Széchenyi Square (the busiest festival location in town). This square in the heart of the city is perfect for holding a successful event before Advent and the opening of the Christmas markets. Our festival in Szeged also means the end of the Autumn season and also gives an excellent opportunity to fill up the pantries right before the winter holiday season.