Mangalica Festival

The pantry of Downtown


9-11 Sept, 2022

Székesfehérvár, Palotai Kapu square
Free Entry

About Us

When we started to work on our first festival in 2007 one of our most important aim – other than acquainting domestic breeders and goods producers – was to create a tradition.

We are glad to announce that we have achieved that goal: the festival became a tradition and now the whole country knows that in the beginning of February there is always a Mangalica Festival in Budapest. Since 2010 we had the chance to introduce ourselves in Debrecen and Szombathely and from 2012 Székesfehérvár and Szeged have joined our national “travelling circus” as well. Four times a year on our widely successful festivals – February (Budapest), April (Debrecen), September (Székesfehérvár) and November (Szeged) – people can meet more and more breeders and the finest quality Mangalica products.

Applying the truth of the „don’t go off the beaten path” saying we haven’t change the concept and the atmosphere of the festival. Our events are still free for every visitor therefore the true value of the festival is the launch of some kind of free trade movement. Attendees can meet directly the breeders and producers from all over the country which means in most cases they can buy the goods from the people who actually produce it – and by leaving out the commercial chains benefits both the buyer and seller. The customers are guaranteed to get no fake goods as all products of the festivals are from checked stocks by the National Association of the Mangalica Breeders (MOE).

Next to the Mangalica goods we are presenting guests with outstanding quality Hungarian products, great live music, kids programmes, live animal show, on spot roasted whole pigs and other Mangalica dishes, excellent wines and schnaps (pálinka) furthermore in Budapest the inevitable cooking contest as well.

We have a firm belief that our success will continue and with the festival the domestic Mangalica breeders and their outstanding products will gain an ever broader reputation for themselves.

Because no one argues the fact that the Mangalica products taste good!

We are looking forward meeting you at one our events!

Best Regards: The Organizers