Mangalica Festival

The pantry of Downtown


9-11 Sept, 2022

Székesfehérvár, Palotai Kapu square
Free Entry

IX. Mangalica Festival of Szekesfehervar

3-5 Szeptember 2021
Piac square, Székesfehérvár

Preparing for our 8th festival we still believe we better leave the basic consept untouched.

Our events are still free for every visitor therefore the true value of the festival is the launch of some kind of free trade movement. Attendees can meet directly the breeders and producers from all over the country which means in most cases they can buy the goods from the people who actually produce it – and by leaving out the commercial chains benefits both the buyer and seller. The customers are guaranteed to get no fake goods as all products of the festivals are from checked stocks by the National Association of the Mangalica Breeders (MOE).

Exhibitors of the festival have a unified appearance as they sell their products from small wooden houses provided for them. The organizers of the festival support the small domestic goods producers (home-made jam, syrup, honey, oil, spices, cheese makers etc.) therefore they also get excellent market space at the event. This turned out to be a great success with the visitors and among the vendors as well.

One of the most popular parts of the festival is usually the live animal exhibition where we move 3-3 animals of the three kinds (blonde, red, and swallow-belly mangalica swine) and a mother sow with her baby pigs to the temporarily built corrals. 2015 has been a very special year in the history of Mangalica breeding: this year marks the resurrection of the black mangalica (which became extinct 100 years ago) and thanks to the success of 15 years of hard work selection breeding live species can be seen again at the festival from 2016.

Every time, next to the breeders and the small goods producers we give the opportunity to the Hungarian craftsmen and artists to introduce themselves in the „Hand-crafted Goods Street” of the festival.

Visitors can find on spot roasted whole pigs and locally made Mangalica products served with the finest Hungarian wines and schnapps while listening to live music concerts. The main attraction for attendees are the high quality goods and products however guaranteeing the best experience we provide live shows on the central stage all day long: authentic folk music, market comedy, gastro shows during the day and live music in the night. On Saturday there is the traditional kettle-made cooking contest.

We are looking forward meeting you there!